Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

I skip generations.

I don't get every new operating system. Why should I? Every other one is fine, and if you hold off for a little while until the reviews come out, you avoid the real dogs like Windows Vista.

The "current" operating system is never the newest one,
it's the one that most people use.

In March 2011, after XP, after Vista, into Windows 7 and with Windows 8 on the way, 60% of enterprise Windows machines were still XP and only 20% were Windows 7. Novelty may be with Win7, but clearly, currency is with XP.

The first nickel-metal hydride batteries weren't so swell (see the Batteries rantlet), but after a while they got good enough to run headphones and stuff.

I'm skipping flourescent light bulb replacements. The purpose of light bulbs is to make light and flourescents don't make particularly good light. LED lamps have pretty much the same phosphors in them but I think I can deal with them better. That's what I'll get when they take away tungsten.