Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

People are understandably annoyed by the salaries given to (or earned by) the guys who run corporations: $231 million for Mr. Semel at Yahoo, a paltry $136 million for Mr. Fuld at Lehman Brothers.

What do they need that kind of money for?

Well, at that level, I don't think that it's even money to them. It's just a number, like points in football or in golf. Too bad it has to be dollars; but on the high end, dollars is what we use to keep score.

Maybe the people who don't like all these dollars going to successful guys could come up with a method to separate currency from scorekeeping.

The Middle East is becoming a cultural influence here lately. Perhaps we could give the competing chief executives women or goats for ranking points. Women and goats will reproduce*, influencing the totals, but money grows via interest and investments too, so that's not an issue. Besides, it's not so much what rich people have in the bank that we complain about, it's what they're paid.

Pay the executive whiz-bangs a moderate amount of money each year and give them ten or twenty goats and a couple of women. The women, maternal as they are, can take care of the goats if they want.


* Not together, I mean