Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

It is a legendary stereotype that men don't much care for shopping, and I certainly have my limits for tolerating the time spent on it.

Clothes are not too much of an effort, because they only make a few kinds of shirts and pants in my size (very skinny and very limby). The list of choices is very short.

But holy Minerva, buying toothpaste and shampoo is a pain, and may I humbly address all the shop managers here to hear my plight?

The shelves, even in grocery stores where this is not their priority, are loaded with hundreds and hundreds of brand names and brand extensions, each offering some feature that I neither need nor want. Despite the acres and acres of choices in every store, I frequently have to go to multiple stores in order to find a shampoo that's just a damn shampoo (Prell) and a toothpaste that's just a damn toothpaste (Ultra Brite).