Chapter 11

* * * * * * * * * *

You want to make a contribution to the arts?
You want to contribute to the quality of life in your community?

Do your grocery shopping at the IGA or whatever small individual local grocery store that you have in your town.

Keeping those stores alive won't happen unless you make it happen by giving them your money. And so what if that can of soup is a dime more? That's your contribution to the community and to the quality of life therein. That's your insurance payment or protection money or whatever you want to call it to help prevent the whole world living under the thumb of one or two giant corporations.

Besides, despite the fact that these stores are a tenth the size of a Wegmans, they actually have all the things that you actually buy. Unless you actually buy things like lavender scented cream cheese or muffins tied in ribbons.

And you don't have to walk miles to go through them, you lazy bastards who have to have the closest parking space to the door, even if it's not a parking space, because you think that the reason they have parking spaces is for moving Other People out of your way.