Chapter 12

* * * * * * * * * *

Gosh, popular music is bad. Golly gee it is.

Of course you could say that it always was, but when Rock and Roll broke out of the black neighborhoods, that was a wonderful time in popular music, and when The Beatles broke out of the crummy bars in Liverpool, they brought us a whole world of great music too.

What's the worst kind of music? At the moment of this writing, it's white people singing or trying to sing like "soulful" black people. You know, Michael McDonald, Michael Bolton, Amy Winehouse, people like that. Grainy voices sometimes, a lot of groaning from the guys*, and of course I'm pretty sick of moaning black women, too. Enough already. Enough.

It's torture. And judging by the Muzak where I work, it's very prominent in the charts. There appear to be dozens of McDonald progeny out there.


Can this condition be an artifact of music providers looking at sales figures to determine what they're going to deliver to the market? Almost the only people who buy recorded music nowadays are old people, and a lot of them like that beards-and-hats kind of stuff.


*How could it be worse? There could be a Hammond Organ in the band.