Chapter 12

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If the purpose of churches is to spread The Word, I'd say that good acoustics should probably be a primary goal of those who build churches. I've been in churches that were built like big, echoey caves, and it was impossible to comprehend what the preacher was saying no matter how good the sound system was. You can't remove echo with a sound system.


Although, I'm entering a phase of not going to church any more. The Masses are becoming concerts and hootenannies and singalongs. Almost all Masses now are all music and no praying, and that's not what I go there for.


You go to church, you sit and listen to music, you go home.

For the people in the pews, this is a little too much passivity and much too little prayer.

Church people are to a large extent good people, and I am disturbed by any forces that accustom good people toward passivity. We have to face bad people once in a while, and bad people are not passive.