Chapter 12

* * * * * * * * * *

I dislike cars that tip way over when you go around a corner. This behavior is less common than it used to be, but it still probably exists.

Some years ago, it was common knowledge that you could either have a smooth ride in a car that was tipping and swaying like a boat, or a hard, bumpy ride in a car that was as stable as a machinist's mill.

Except -- a few years ago, I encountered two rental cars in close sequence. One was a small Buick, that had a miserable rough, hard ride -- and when I turned a corner I thought I was going to fall out the window, it tipped over so much. The other was a Nissan, same shape and size. It rode nice and smooth and cornered flat as glass.


People say that the American cars are good enough now, which they didn't used to be. This is baloney. They were saying the exact same thing ten years ago. They were saying the exact same thing 20 years ago. It was a lie then and it's probably a lie now.