Chapter 12

* * * * * * * * * *

One of the forthcoming irresponsibilities of Government is going to be Government taking responsibility for people's college tuition and fee debts.
Free Money !! Yay !!

Here's what should happen: Government should force down the costs of education, not pay the infinitely increasing rates that schools charge. Schools charge shameless, usurious amounts of money for services of questionable value, and they need to be roped in.

We know that when Government aid goes up, the university's price tags go up. You can look it up. To the schools it's free money, and they can charge anything they want. And, university life is very lush.

Is there a legal way to do force colleges to charge less? Probably not. We'd have to invent one. I'd suggest assassinating university officials, for a start. You wouldn't have to kill more than a dozen or so before most of the other schools fall into line. Of course, being martyred for the cause of lavish incomes would appeal to some college presidents. Take those ones first, and there will be no loss. We'll create happy, proud dead heroes and influence the presidents who dont want to get dead to get it done.


I used to take books to a charity thrift store, which was run to benefit some college's library or something. What with colleges drowning in money nowadays, the contribution made by a thrift store would be somewhere between negligible and insignificant, but maybe the people thought that they were doing a good deed.

The last time I went there, I had a box full of exceptional cultural and art books. When I dropped it on the counter, the ladies swooped in, grabbing one after another and saying things like "Oh, this is going home with me!" and "Fred will want these...".

I guarantee you I'll never go there again. Like I should bring in precious books just for fat ass college ladies to take home for themselves?


The thing is, college people think that they deserve heaven on earth.