Chapter 12

* * * * * * * * * *

I've got two stories for you.

One is about the Chinese guy recently, who ran his car over a little girl, and having realized it, he put his car in reverse and ran over her a few more times. It seems that he'd be responsible for her outcome, and it would be much cheaper if she were dead than if she were hospitalized.

The other came to me from an engineer at a corporation with some manufacturing capacity in China. Once a worker over there dropped a large piece of glass, and it smashed to pieces. The factory managers took the guy out back and shot him dead. Some guy from US headquarters had to get on a plane, go out there, and tell them that that's not what we do in US companies.

What's the point? Well, first, the Chinese are not like us, and as long as we think that they're just competitors like anyone else, we're screwed.

Secondly, anything that is in oversupply becomes a commodity, and commodities are disposable. Even if they're people.


Which might have some import to the Pro-Life folks.