Chapter 12

* * * * * * * * * *

We're discussed earlier about the need in America, now and from now on, for large numbers of modest jobs for modest nongenius people.

And accordingly, we have an obligation to conjure some kinds of living arrangements for people who are going to have these low-paying jobs. There will have to be clean, safe, modest living accomodations for low-income people.

We've tried it before, and the facilities that the government built turned out to be no more than storage facilities for Welfare Negroes. That approach was eventually seen to be a failure. Somehow, we need to make these newly-conceived homes work for everyone; we need to make them safe and we need to make them habitable.

Probably, the only way we can do that is to spread the people out a bit, and separate incompatible lifestyles. Many of the people who live in planned low-income sites will be there because of character defects that prevent them from being successful enough to not be there. So at least we should offer them choices of their human environment.

People who like quiet environments should have the opportunity to choose a quiet environment. People who play loud music devices or drive loud vehicles should be put together in a group that appreciates and enjoys that kind of lifestyle. People who are straight arrows should have the opportunity to live removed from criminals and generally shady people, who themselves should be channeled into a community of their own where they will be happy together.

This sounds like an attack on nonaffluent people's "freedom", but it's more freedom than they have now, and in fact that's the whole point. Nonaffluent people now have no choice but to live among undesirable neighbors, either too rowdy or not rowdy enough, too clean or not clean enough, too saintly or not saintly enough. Of course, somebody whose talents and ambition lift them out of this situation can go and live where they want. But, some of us have no talents and despite our value as productive and benevolent human beings, our choices of living environments are pretty uniformly dismal. And, "freedom" is meaningless if you have no options.

This system of sorting people provides people with options.