Chapter 13

* * * * * * * * * *

Here in the year 2012, one of the passing cultural crazes is to condemn "bullying". For some reason, the idea of protecting schoolyard weenies from schoolyard bullies comes up in every newspaper or features media show that we see.

How does anybody think that that is going to be resolved?

For a few decades now, society has decided to adopt aggression as a positive attribute, maybe the most positive attribute. For decades now, automobile manufacturers have styled many or most of their products to look belligerent. It's considered normal behavior when someone buys a large motorcycle and goes around pretending to be malicious. And among people who consume entertainment, stories and shows aren't really legitimate if they're about nice people doing nice things. Stories have to have "edge", which is a euphanism for negativity, obscenity, or both.

As you know, the kids watch society for cues on how they should respond to the world, how they should behave. That's how they learn how to be people. And, aggression, belligerence, and malevolence are now primary cultural models that are presented to children everywhere in society.

All of which makes schoolyard bullying quite normal, and schools should just butt out. It's a natural alignment with the world that adults have created.


We might reasonably expect that the self-righteous anti-bullying trend might eventually grow to the crazed intensity of the self-righteous anti-racism phenomenon. When that happens, almost any communication at all will be condemned as "bullying", just like any recognition of diversity now is condemned as "racism".

Or maybe the bullies will win. I moved to North Carolina, and you wouldn't believe how intrusive the laws are here. It's actually illegal to throw a beer can or a magazine into the trash. Get caught doing it and you have a criminal record. Everything here is like that. If that's not bullying, I don't know what bullying is.