Chapter 13

* * * * * * * * * *

Once in a while you'll hear some person asking what's wrong with frequent or constant obscene language. I actually heard someone give this justification for being obscene: "Everyone knows what it means".

Well, that's exactly the reason to be a little more considerate. If you're a subhuman, with limited mental powers, dirty words are just grunts of emotion with no meaning attached. If, on the other hand, you are an actual fully functional human, words have actual meanings and evoke actual images. And, if you are an actual fully functional human, you probably don't want your consciousness peed and pooped on all the time.

Any subhumans who may be in this audience may not realize it, but some of us just don't want to live in a world of those mental images. We'll cuss like anyone when we drop a can of tomatoes on our foot, but generally we don't want to constantly live in a world of grossness.

Of course, it's useless to talk to subhumans. They only understand what they understand and their limitations are their limitations.


I just saw an interview with some silly entertainment biz semi-star. She was talking about how she liked a coarse TV show better than the Simpsons, because it was "not afraid to offend".

This is a perfect example of the mistaken sense of superiority that crude people have. They assume that well-mannered people are considerate because they are limited by some kind of "fear".

Fear of what, exactly?

The idea that some* people might actually want to live in a clean and benevolent environment is inconceivable to crude people. Crude people are crude; which is perhaps another way of saying that they are dumb.


* actually most