Chapter 13

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't really have a favorite band; I'm more interested in great records.

But if I did, it might be The Wipers, which is basically Greg Sage. Look up their "Over The Edge" album, which is one of those all-time mega-great albums like Sergeant Pepper or Freeze Frame or Nashville Skyline or Twelve Dreams of Doctor Sardonicus. There's not a bad song on it.

The Wipers play punk with a distinctly propulsive groove, which is a winning combination. They're considered to be the hinge point at which punk changed to Nirvana and all that followed from that. Their songs you might consider either profound or embarassing, depending on whether you believe that "we" are being exploited by "them". That's Mr. Sage's theme.

I originally thought that it was a bunch of embarassing, naive, adolescent silliness -- except last week the police in Canada went to some guy's house, hauled him out, and threw him in jail -- because his little girl drew a picture of him in school, with a pistol in his hand. Let me repeat that: His little daughter drew a picture of him with a pistol in his hand, and the police went to his house and took him away to jail.

They kept him there for several days. He was never charged with anything. Of course, the kid had no idea that there was anything wrong. She said, "He only shoots bad people and monsters".

The same week, New Jersey was voting on a law to prohibit people from smoking in their own back yard.

It is true. The age of freedom is over. There really is a "they"; and "we" are doomed.