Chapter 15

* * * * * * * * * *

I don't want to get involved in the abortion arguments, because I'm male and it's none of my business. Here are things that I do know, though:

1. If people with spiritual awareness believe that it is wrong to kill little babies, it is wrong to take their money to pay for killing little babies.

Suppose you thought that it was wrong to beat women. Just suppose. And then suppose that the government had an institution whose job it was to beat women. You wouldn't want to have your money taken away from you to support that, would you?

2. If you're in some bad situation where you have to terminate a pregnancy, that's your business and none of mine. If you just get abortion after abortion as your standard method of not being pregnant, and you don't feel bad at all about killing all those little babies, there probably comes a point at which you should be removed yourself. Just for your heartlessness.

3. The correct word for abortion is "abortion". Righties try to make the concept more vivid by calling it "killing babies", Lefties try to make it more obscure by calling it "choice".

"Killing babies" is more meaningful and consequently more honest. "Choice" is more evasive and consequently less honest.

If you call abortion "choice", you are a dishonest person with a corrupt mind. And it's the dishonesty that I object to.

"Choice" could be anything. Beating women could be a "choice".


Bumper Sticker:

It's not your body
It's your baby