Chapter 15

* * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes when you see pictures of models in advertisments or Web pages, they just beg you to think about the discussions involved in the choice of the model. I would love to hear the execs talking about the women that they auditioned: Too dull, too pretty, too big, too small, too ethnic, not ethnic enough, do we have a Negro yet?

In the U-Haul web page for small shipping boxes, we have a woman who, at first glance, is just another duck like all of us. Moving-day T-shirt and jeans, pleasant smile, chunky hips, short legs. But from the elbows up she's quite the babe.

If you want to sell stuff, your models can't be really unpleasant-looking. I think they hit the balance perfectly here.


On the other hand, I always think that the happy pretty healthy wealthy newlyweds in the real estate brochures are too perfect, too gorgeous, too fortunate. They annoy me.

In fact, they outright offend me. If you want to make a negative impression on me, just show me that all your friends are far more beautiful and smarter and happier and more successful than I am.