Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

I like to stay close to reality here, but once in a while I have to express a personal opinion, and here is one now: I really don't like it that the comic strips have been stolen away from the children.

There used to be a few great kid strips, most notably the great Nancy, by Ernie Bushmiller. But the famously self-centered Baby Boomers grabbed the comics page like an ape and stuffed it into their mouth. Now the majority of strips are not only adult but very often dark and mean-spirited.

Usually when some social-services bastard tries to flimflam people into doing something, because it's "For the Children", I immediately write him off. But childhood is a special little heaven of simple and hopeful imagination, and we should make it as heavenly and care-free as possible. Kids should have a kid environment, with kid comics and kid interests. They'll have plenty of time for their burdens later.