Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

People all around the world are starving, and Americans want to take their corn crop, expensively distill it into vodka (using lots of energy to do so), and burn it in our stupid oversize cars.

Is there anything more evil than this?

Worse, the Federal Government subsidies and supports and legislation requiring the use of ethanol for vehicle fuel, seem to be driven by congressmen from farm states. The whole scenario of having us burn food to luxuriously cruise to the mall apparently comes from farm-district congressmen paying back their agribusiness campaign supporters.

That is more evil.


If ethanol were merely a transitional bad practice in the progression toward better clean energy methods, like the lousy car pollution controls in the Seventies, maybe that would be okay. But it appears to be mostly an unholy alliance among greedy agribusiness, corrupt politicians, and dimwit environmentalists. Which is not okay.