Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

The employment problem that we have (2012) now is never going to end. We just have too many people and there's nothing for many of them to do. Everything that needs to be done, and plenty that doesn't, is being done now by the currently employed.

We all thought that natural resources would provide the upper limit to the number of people that the world can support, but when the human population hits the wall, the reason is going to be employment. Or, more to the point, unemployment. The total number of people is now much greater than the number of people necessary to provide the goods and services that everyone needs. There are extra people who just aren't necessary.

It could be said that we have too much efficiency. And, as efficiencies continually improve, the number of necessary people will continually decrease and the number of unneccessary people will continually increase. Newly manufactured people will add more to the unnecessary group than to the necessary group.

Our society, for the most part, chooses to support the unnecessary people -- at least now we do. As the number of unneccesary people increases, the load on productive people will increase. How will productive people respond to this, as the load progressively gets heavier? What happens when the load becomes unsupportable? What happens when it only takes 20% of the people to supply and run the world, and the nonworking 80% of the people have to be supported somehow?

All of the idle excess people have to be housed, fed, intoxicated, and entertained using resources out of the pockets of working people. There is no scenario that can address this, except socialism. It is likely that the situation of too many people with nothing to do, will finally result in the ownership and care of humans by their governments, all around the world.

Fifteen million unemployed people are not all going to write fifteen million successful games or open fifteen million successful pizza parlors or become fifteen million wealthy rap performers or win fifteen million winning lottery tickets. They are not going to be assembling carburetors or cranking adding machines either.

There's nothing for them to do.


If you think that there is, you can implement your idea and get rich.