Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

I would love to see a special genre or class of golf tournaments, with each of the players limited to five clubs.

Golf is a perfect sport of people competing against themselves. With restraint, however, could come creativity, and instead of a guy or gal reaching into the bag for that special, specific club out of fourteen that fires the ball 214.6 yards, let's let them use their abilities a little more. They get a putter (if they want), something to pitch with, two medium clubs and a long one. Or whatever. Whatever five they want.

Taking away the broad selection of specific-purpose tools will show us the differences among players and their personal approaches in much greater, and more interesting contrast.

Of course this idea will never happen owing to golf club companies that want to sell 14-club sets. And of course, the average person hates new ideas anyway.