Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

Believe it or not, many colleges and universities actually claim that they are not primarily left-wing indoctrination centers, and only secondarily educational institutions.

Dig this: I walked out of college (admittedly a crummy one: SUNY Brockport) fifteen credits short of a degree. The reason was that the college had, as a graduation requirement, a series of "Social Awareness" courses that you had to take.

And pass.

I don't remember the names. It was a long time ago. They were things like "The Struggles of the African-American in America", and "The History of Slavery" and "Racism in Today's World" and "The Progress of Women" and "Sexism in The Workplace". Shit like that.

Somewhere around 2008 I dropped by the admissions office, having some time on my hands, and asked whether the requirement was still in effect. It was.

So here I am undegreed, and damn proud of it.