Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

Self-esteem is another one of those well-meaning but thoroughly botched projects instituted by big-hearted but small-brained social engineers.

There was a time -- I don't know whether it's still true -- when schools believed that raising kids' self-esteem was more important than teaching them stuff. The result of all that was, in the first place, there was less time left to teach them stuff, and they came out less educated*.

The students who had poor self-esteem had individual problems with individual causes and they needed individual counseling to get a grip on it. I doubt that most of them got it, and I wish they did. A depressed life is a hellish life.

The students in the middle, who would have ended up okay without any imposition, instead became convinced that they were above having to study. "If I'm so great, what do I need all this education for?"

Those students with naturally high self-esteem, who were naturally arrogant to begin with, became psychopaths -- bullies in school and in adult life too. They became cruel businessmen, demonic lawyers, and social engineers.


* It is still true, and always will be, that to be educated, you have to know something about other languages, something about music notation, something about Shakespeare, classical music, science, mathematics, quite a bit about history, and something about everything else too. Including something about the Bible, which whether you like it or not is the fundamental operating manual for Western Civilization.

Whether you like it or not.