Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

Custom-made stuff doesn't work.

I mean, clothing is pretty safe because tailors pretty much know how to make suits nowadays. But a bespoke guitar or a golf club is doomed to failure, because however way it comes out is not as predictable as people want to believe it would be. My poor friend Ron made a fancy Telecaster for a pretty high-level local guy, and when the guy came to take delivery, he didn't like it and in the shop it stayed. My golf pal is on her second set of custom-made golf clubs and they're like foreign objects in her hands.

Having said that, all my guitars and all my golf clubs and almost all my audio equipment are either special made or highly customized. The difference is that I did it myself. Last week a new club's shaft was a little too stiff for me. Fine, I have another one with a shaft that I like (from the thrift store), I'll just get a shaft like that and pop it in. I can do ten iterations if I want. Having a shop make you ten iterations would cost you every dime you have.