Chapter 16

* * * * * * * * * *

You would think that the Internet would be a wonderful thing for people who have health issues, to get good advice and guidance to cures.

But it's not. It's a forest of kids making meaningless comments on Yahoo sites, and stacks of the kinds of meaningless "articles" you see in Sunday newspaper supplements.

Healthwise and sicknesswise and doctorwise, there is pretty much nothing of substance available on the Web. There are plenty of pages, and they're all pretty much useless.


So what would be better?

Let's start with medical interns who are computer-talented. Let's have them acquire questions and input from the field, generalize them, and take them to real live doctors. They should pose the questions to the real live doctors and keep their teeth in those real-live doctors until they get feasible and comprehensive answers. Then they should create a medical search engine within the encyclopedia that they have created.

Maybe if you're looking to make your fortune on the Web, this would be it: A really good medical website where all the answers aren't just "See your doctor" or "Get a physical examination".


Have you ever called a doctor and asked him how much he would charge to fix an ingrown toenail or cure a sore throat or reattach a hand torn off by your Pit Bull?

Probably not. The medical business exists in a La-La-Land where money has no meaning, it's just assumed that they can have all that they want. If you called a few doctors for competitive quotes they wouldn't know how to even answer you.

At least Auto Repair shops have a book of Standard Hours for common jobs. They can charge whatever they want for the hourly rate, but the hours for a new front axle will be the same wherever you go.