Chapter 17

* * * * * * * * * *

Today is Election Day, November 2012.

I voted today, for the first time in a long time.

There is an opinion in the air that everyone should vote. This is of course not true. Stupid people shouldn't vote, and evil people shouldn't vote, and people who aren't involved enough to know what they're voting for shouldn't vote. The latter takes care of itself because they usually don't.

As for my voting preferences, my problems are not going to be affected too much by whomever gets elected, so I usually let people who are smarter than I am do the deciding. But, for the last month I've been reading story after story of Democrats stealing Republicans' signs, keying Republican's cars, and today, going in early and voting Democrat, claiming to be the names of people that they know who are Republican. When the victims come in later, of course, they have no recourse. Somebody took their vote and it's gone.

And Chicago, forget about it. Go in wearing an Obama button and the guy gives you two ballots. This was actually witnessed, but it never made the news.

Amazingly, you don't need ID to vote. You can say you're anybody as long as you go to a place different from where you vote your own name so you're not recognized. You can get a list of Republicans and hop from voting precinct to voting precinct all day long, giving their votes to your Democrat.

I've always known that Democrats are naturally dishonest.* The word "Democrat" is synonymous with "election fraud". It has been for generations. Like the Mafia, Democrats deny it but everybody knows it. But now their activity has increased to a point where defensive action is required. So, just because Democrats are cheating so broadly and at such high numbers, I went in and voted straight Republican. Just to even things up a little.

That is going to be my approach for the foreseeable future. Not because I am a fan of Republicans, which I'm not, particularly. Because I am a fan, a super-fan, of fairness. I am only doing this to help compensate for the huge number of bogus votes that are generated by the Democrats. Call this a small voice, a small counterbalance against a rather large and well-organized evil.


*Said Democrats will disagree, of course, but the evidence of Democrat dishonesty and the sheer number of reported incidents is overwhelming. After all, whenever an anti-fraud measure is introduced into Congress to become a law, who jumps up with an orchestrated political and public relations program to defeat it? Why, the Democrats. Of course. Who else?