Chapter 18

* * * * * * * * * *

While everyone is dazzled with their space-age telephones (that aren't especially good telephones), my simple mind is overwhelmed with water.

Water is just astonishing. Apart from being the vehicle for every chemical that makes our bodies work, it makes things clean, makes other things grow leaves and food and wood out of nothing but sunlight, provides us with a low-friction road across the world powered by nothing but its brother air, and when it's done doing that it flies up into the air, gets cleaned perfectly pure in the process, and then gets redistributed over us for free. Over and over again, using no energy apart what comes from the sun.

Water is something that nobody could have invented if it had never been thought of before. It's too brilliant for any human mind to have imagined. It is the simplest of things, yet it is constantly doing magic, every second of every day. I realize that religion is out of fashion lately, but how could anything this simple and this universal and this perfect have been contrived without some kind of Designer?