Chapter 18

* * * * * * * * * *

I wonder why artists hate God and Christmas and Santa Claus and Sunday and all those things?

Artists produce things that are interesting to look at but totally useless, and sounds that are interesting to hear but totally useless. You would think that they would understand intangibles.

You would think that they would appreciate the way that Christmas and Easter bring us together. You would think that they would appreciate that the stories of Christianity are the backbone of Western society, giving us most of the common touchstones and common attitudes that define our culture and lubricate the workings of society by providing common understandings.

Maybe they just blindly say "No it doesn't" because all their friends say so. Maybe it makes them feel superior to deny the normal attitudes. Maybe they just aren't talented in observing things. But that wouldn't make sense either. Artists are supposed to be able to observe things.

So what's wrong with them? What are they missing?