Chapter 18

* * * * * * * * * *

They say that the worst organization in the world is the committee of volunteers responsible for operating a church. I can imagine it. All volunteers, nobody chosen for their abilities, each one with different wacky unworkable ideas springing from a base of complete innocence.

You'd think that an organization made up of professionals and semiprofessionals would be a little more coordinated. Like Toastmasters, for instance.

Here's the story of my most recent Toastmaster meeting:

I was scheduled to deliver a speech. The Master of Ceremonies for that day emailed me a form asking for some information about the speech that I was going to give. One of the information fields was "Title". I entered a title, let's say "Kielbasa".

I gave a hard copy of an information form to my evaluator. One of the data fields on the hard copy was "Title", into which I entered "Kielbasa".

So the day comes. I am announced, and the MC introduces me, giving a totally different title from what I gave him. When my speech evaluation comes up, my evaluator criticized me for not providing a title. And when the secretary published the minutes of the meeting, she stated yet another whole different title for my speech.

Are we not doomed? We are doomed.