Chapter 18

* * * * * * * * * *

Every once in a while, the activists get a little bored with life, and organize a boycott against someone that they proclaim to be an "enemy".

There is seldom a good reason for any of these boycotts. Usually the activists seize upon some slip of the tongue from someone in the opposition. If they think thay can convince a mob of dummies that this slip constituted a lengthy, hateful, mean-spirited tirade, they're off and running.


I think that we do little boycotts all the time. I was just in what seemed like a half-hour line at WalMart. The line stretched far back into the store. And my plastic didn't work. The only good thing about the experience was that the air-conditioning was so brutal that my ice cream didn't melt.

Maybe a normal person, after an experience like that, would avoid WalMart for a spell. Plenty of people who had a Detroit car would swear to Heaven and Earth that they'll never buy another one.

I have some criteria that come up once in a while. I won't do business with a company who drags culture down, who makes our lives more ugly and brutal with their designs, names, and attitudes. There's a lot of that going on these days. But I can be bought. If some company makes a small item that is twice as good and half the price of the competition, well, my purchase is trivial to them and a bonanza to me, so I'll bend.

There are places where I won't bend. There is a product brand named 'Snark'. I wouldn't use their product if it were free. Society does not need more snark. The concept of snarkiness does not need to be mainstreamed. Harley-Davidson motorcycles are America's symbol of malevolence. Once again, I wouldn't ride one if you gave it to me and paid me too. Malevolence is not my style. I actually was given a nice new iPod. But deal with evil iTunes? No thanks. I got rid of it.

Apple and Google are pretty near the top of the Absolute Power Corrupts Absolutely list. I can avoid Apple. I can't avoid Google. I use Google's original product for search, but I avoid most everything else that they do. The more of you that you give them, the more of you that they have. They and their data gathering skills are going to be the agent of the enslavement of the masses, including you and me.