Chapter 18

* * * * * * * * * *

Now that muncipalities have sold public stadia to corporations for naming rights, how about they look into naming streets and intersections and neighborhoods after corporate purchasers? There would have to be long-term contracts so that the businesses and map services aren't unduly stressed, buy why not?

Companies will compete for nice streets. Pepsi Boulevard. Duz Way. Jeep Trail. Fairlane Thruway. Apple Grove. Wendy's Lane. Or JC Penney Lane.

The street signs can be the sponsors' logos.

Companies that want to "own" streets will keep the streets nicely maintained, by agreement with the jurisdiction.

Intersections could have banks of flowers, if the sponsor chooses to do so . The sponsors might even sweep up the ugly vague triangles of stones and rubble that gather on the roads in the areas that never feel a tire tread. You know what I mean, the triangles of debris that form between the paths where the cars go straight and the paths where they turn. Those irritate me, and I'd sweep them up myself if I could get funding.