Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

One of the things that adult men learn to do is to deliver a firm, sincere handshake. Of course, some times, in this pursuit, there are deviations from the ideal.

My style is to give a friendly, connecting grip. I don't really shake.

Women tend to shake violently, so as to remove the handshake from any impression of "holding hands". That's okay; women are naturally nervous about any possible personal encroachments by men.

You're supposed to look the person that you're interacting with straight in the eye, too, and that's another thing that makes women a little nervous. But what can you do. If you drop your gaze, you're looking at her boobs, and they really don't like that. Even if their choice in clothing spotlights their boobs they don't like it. Even if their boobs are two-thirds-naked and pushed up to their chins they don't like it. That makes no sense but since when do women make sense?

The creepiest thing that men do is to try to turn your hand so that their hand is over your hand. They're on top, you're on bottom. Needless to say, this is an attempt to assert dominance. For a long time, I just let these kinds of guys do it, who cares? But now I keep the hands equally vertical, no matter what. Some guys will use all their strength to get on top. Sometimes I laugh when this happens. They might get my reaction or they might not. I never really know. Guys who try to dominate aren't particularly famous for being perceptive.