Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

You know what an ordinary residential double-hung window looks like. It's an assembly consisting of two more or less square panes, each of which is capable of being slid up or down to let the air in or out.

Windows like this present most people with a magnificent opportunity to do things incorrectly. Sometimes they are designed so that you have to do things incorrectly.

Almost everyone, when they open a window, people slide the lower pane open. This is wrong. The warm air that you want to move around is up by the ceiling. You should open the upper pane. You don't want all the papers to blow off your desk. You should open the upper pane. Not the lower one, which doesn't address the warm air by the ceiling, but does blow all the papers off your desk.


Shades are similarly wrong. You open them when you want the sunshine to come in and cheer the room. You close them if it's a warm day and you don't feel like wearing clothes. But most shades close from the top, and roll downwards. If you want to get sunshine but if you don't feel like wearing clothes, you have no good options.

Shades should close from the bottom up, so you can enjoy the sunshine and the view on the top, but not provoke the neighbors to call the police and accuse you of exhibitionism on the bottom.