Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

A million years ago, Daddy went to work, Mommy stayed home and took care of things there, every family had an income and a nice home and if everyone did the right things, everything worked.

One day, all the Mommies decided they didn't want to be Mommies any more, they wanted to be Daddies and go to work too. So now we have 100% of the available sexes in the workforce.

The downside of that is that the workforce is not large enough to hold 100% of all the people. The upside is that there is a larger pool of talent and a richer choice for employers. The downside is that the economy doesn't need all those people. There is nothing for the less-desirable people to do; no employer will choose them when there are better candidates.

There is a lot of those less-desirable people, and as workplace efficiencies increase there will be more and more less-desirable people that have to be taken care of. It is foreseeable that there may be twice as many unnecesary people as employed people. These surplus people will have to be fed, entertained, decorated, and intoxicated to their satisfaction. That will be another expense to add to the worker's burden, along with college expenses, living expenses, other people's healthcare, interest on the national debt, general graft and member items, and other sundry overhead.