Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

It's probably normal for people, as they grow up and acquire mature and experienced understandings, to think that the kids nowadays are living incorrectly and the world is all going to hell. We have seen people making all those mistakes made before and we know what happens when you make those mistakes and we wish that you all would stop making them.

Consider this: Every generation thinks that those darn kids are more lazy and irresponsible and obscene and just plain dumb than the last. And, for at least the last century, all of that has been reliably true.

So consider this: Suppose you're in your Twenties now. In forty or fifty years, the kids of that time are going to be doing things that you think are too lazy and irresponsible and obscene and just plain dumb.

What will those things be? How will the next order of magnitude, beyond your own, of laziness and irresponsibility and obscenity and dumbness manifest itself?

A good writer would hazard some guesses at this point, but the things that are happening now already pretty much exceed any imaginative power that I possess.