Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

One thing that has become clear lately, is that the world has become a bullyocracy. I just read that the US Postal Service discontinued a series of exercise-themed postal stamps because some bullies said that there wasn't enough "safety equipment" in the pictures. Like kids shouldn't play unless they have "safety equipment"? Since when?

Then of course you have the psychopath gay activists, who are determined to kill anyone who isn't a psychopath gay activist.


And, the presence of bullies creates sissies. Whenever a bully arrives in any venue, everyone turns into a sissy and lets him have his way.

That is not a good thing. If you are an honorable person, you would tell the bullies to get lost. It appears, though, that there are no longer any honorable people. And that will inevitably lead to a world where there are only bullies and sissies.

Do not have children.