Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

I once read a novel written by a sportswriter. Okay, that may have been a bad idea right on the face of it, but there are always things that we can learn.

In one scene, he mentioned rock star Alice Cooper's house in the Phoenix area. Mr Cooper had a soundproofed Party Room, so that he and his friends and his band could raise a ruckus without bothering the neighbors.

Of course, the way that the sports lout presented this was that Mr. Cooper was "afraid" to bother the neighbors.

"Afraid", he said.

This is a one-word demonstration that the sports lout was a proud member of the proud asshole community. In the moral system of the asshole community, making people miserable is a perfectly fine thing to do and if you don't want to make people miserable, it's because you're "afraid" of something.

Members of the asshole community don't know, and wouldn't understand if they did know, that some people just don't want to be assholes. Some of us want to be kind. Some of us want to be considerate. Some of us just think that it is bad to cause pain, and people shouldn't do bad things. We should be nice.

We, who just don't think that it's right to cause pain, live in a different community from the community of the assholes. Call us squares or straight arrows or whatevers.

And, we know that the assholes exist but sometimes the assholes don't understand that we exist -- or that our choice of lifestyle is deliberate and aware.