Chapter 19

* * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of individuals...

Here's one of the many steps in which the Left is re-engineering people into sheep: Group-based primary school classrooms instead of desk-based primary school classrooms.

In Fifties classrooms, every student had his or her own desk. It was theirs. It was their home, their office, their territory. Each student was an actual human individual with an actual home base. And a personal identity.

In today's primary classrooms, students have no territory, no place, no identity. Each one is expected to drift from round table to round table, as members of the group. The group is the only reality, there is no such thing as an individual.

Just amorphous sheep waiting to be directed.


People who are ignorant, or who have already been converted to sheepdom, will read this and say "Oh, that's silly". Which proves that the process works. They have no minds. They are ants in the ant colony.

This whole change, for people beginning their lives and beginning their perceptions, the change from desks to nonidentity is far more profound, far more influential, far more evil than anyone realizes. If you have any concept of chaos theory at all (the power of continued iteration of tiny little factors), you will be terrified of what grows from this deliberate orientation of young people.