Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

Sometimes you're just screwed.

I had a weekend project, just to make a platform for a mattress. Half-inch plywood, bracing that I already had for the frame, nothing to it.

First of all, the mattress dimension that every site specifies and everybody knows, was wrong. A twin mattress is said to be 39 inches wide. Mine was a shade under 38 inches, so the professionally-cut, rounded corners, super hi-grade plywood I bought would be sticking out on the sides (I fixed it).

Then the two-by-fours that I bought at Home Deephole, while waiting a few months for deployment, twisted wildly. I bought the straightest ones in the pile, but they were just pretending. So I go back, like a dope, and get a replacement for the worst one, and soon the new one twisted itself into a pretzel as well.

This time I'm going to go back to the old-school lumberyard and get a couple of two-by-fours from them. So what if I bought three pieces of firewood in two long trips to Home Deephole. So what if I have to burn half a tank of gas going to the real lumberyard. My approach when faced with a doomed project is to forget the time, forget the expense, cancel everything else, and power through it.

I'm gonna get this done and it's going to be nice, dammit. Dammit.


PS The nice fir two-by-fours that I bought at the real lumberyard cost me $20 each. Of course I'm shook, but I'm proud that I did it. They are angelically beautiful.