Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

We've already talked about the practice of politicians calling for "Change !!", but not really actually saying change to what.

Here's another angle on that situation: When you're the politican or some other kind of charlatan promising undefined "Change", your audience and your constituency is largely unhappy and unsuccessful people.

People who are doing well don't need change, and would understandably suspect it to be change for the worse. But unhappy and unsuccessful people see "change" as maybe being the lottery ticket that's going to get them out of this dump.

The aspiring leader might find unhappy and unsuccessful people to be a wonderfully manipulable crowd. After all, they are unsuccessful, and you become unsuccessful largely by failing to take charge of the outcome of your life. Unsuccessful people need a mommy and they know it.

We could imagine that people who are that way would probably appreciate somebody coming along and taking charge of things for them.