Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

Here's another story about machine intelligence:

When I worked at a music store, fixing everything electronic, a customer came in with an amplifier. I had never seen this amplifier before; it was from a small manufacturer and there weren't many of them.

When he set it down on the floor, I came over, put my finger on a spot on the top of the amplifier, and said, "The problem is right here".

I opened it up, and found a bad solder joint in the chassis, right where I pointed.

Now, somebody conveyed that information to me. Who was it?

Was it my angel or was it the amplifier itself? If it was my angel, how did the angel know? Do angels naturally know everything that their clients know now and in the future? If you're a technician, does your angel know your trade?

Or was the amplifier itself communicating with me? There are many people who perceive and respond to the personalities of their instruments. If the amplifier could communicate with me, what other thoughts does it have?