Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

I had another Angel Event this week. For years I have been having foot problems, and recently I got a vague idea that I should have better everyday sneakers. So Monday I went down to the hardware store for a can of thinner and the car, with me in it, decided to go to the mall.

And what's the almost first thing I see? A pair of sneakers that look much nicer than mine, feel much nicer than mine, fit much nicer than mine, and were just that morning reduced to a Get-These-Out-Of-Here price of $17. For both shoes, the right one and the left one, both. $17.

Stuff like this happens to me all the time. I feel a necessity to go to some shop, the car actually drags me there, and there sits some esoteric tool or instrument that I needed and I would have never had found if it were left to chance.

This prompts an interesting, if frightening, question. Why do the angels expedite material things like bongo drums and USB pedals and junk keyboards containing repurposable USB chips for me, and not hot babes or other meaningful human relationships?

Maybe when people say that we should cast off our possessions and find joy in relationships, maybe they aren't talking to me. Maybe a thingy life is, for some reason, the life that I was meant to carry out. Maybe I'm deliberately made to be human-incompatible, and thingy. After all, that's the life that my angels are supporting.