Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

People look at pictures of Marilyn Monroe and think "What's the big deal?". And it's true. She didn't have pretty boobs or a pretty fanny or any of those things. She was actually kind of klunky-looking.

But what she did with what she had....

You had to see her in action. She was femininity on a level that modern women could never hope to aspire to. She was a walking heart attack machine, when she was walking, or talking, or just standing and swaying a little.

Tina Louise was kind of like that. She had more going on in still photographs than Marilyn, but there were a million girls who looked better on the printed page. But just watch her hopping around in Lil' Abner. You'll be calling 911.

Or maybe you won't. Young people in the 21st Century are pretty asexual.