Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

The problem with political discourse is that you can't have an honest conversation with dishonest people, and Lefties are dishonest people.

If you say that the Government shouldn't be running the medical insurance system (like they run the hellhole Veterans Administration), a Leftie will say "You don't want people to have Health Care!"

If you say that religious people shouldn't have to pay for what they see as killing little babies, a Leftie will say "You won't let people have contraception!"

If you say that immigration should be somehow regulated like every other country does, so that the country isn't flooded with criminals and neer-do-wells, a Leftie will say "You're against immigration. And you a racist too!"

As if people couldn't just go to the doctor themselves or get their contraception themselves. Like they always have.