Chapter 20

* * * * * * * * * *

Some people think that kids should study what they want. There shouldn't be math classes and art classes and geography classes and history classes. Kids should just "find themselves".

This is like putting someone in the pilot's seat who has never flown a plane.

If kids don't have math classes and art classes and geography classes and history classes and all that other stuff, they have no knowledge with which to proceed with their lives. They can't make a good decision about a life path. They don't know the options. A kid might potentially be a world-saving geologist or writer or mathemetician but he might never accidentally stumble into any of these as an option.

In fact, that might be the primary and best reason for grammar school at all. So that the kids -- under duress -- are introduced to the broadest range of options possible. This goes for a first year of college being a fixed program of mandatory general studies, too. Which will never happen because all colleges now are either trade schools or expensive vacations, depending on the student. And besides, those mandatory courses will end up being things like "The History of Women's Liberation" and "Confronting White Racism". I'm not kidding. That's what they were in the college that I attended.

Anyway, freedom of choice is the worst thing possible for someone who isn't broadly informed. Kids need to know a little bit about everything.