Chapter 21

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I'm trying to figure out this pedophilia thing.

I think that the public heat directed against pedophile priests comes from religious and Conservative people because they don't like pedophilia, and from atheists and Liberals because they don't like religious people. Actually, Progressives will be introducing pedophilia into general culture just as soon as they're done with the gays. You gotta have progress.

There was a picture of a poster in the news today. It was headlined "How Do People Express Their Sexual Feelings", and it listed a whole array of sex acts, in specificity. The poster was made to be, and actually was, hung in middle schools. Middle schools serve kids from 11 years old to about 14 or 15.

The poster was, of course, a suggestion that kids get naked and get active. Once that is in place, you’ll be hearing about adult-child "rights".

The poster was one more small step forward for pedophilia in the schools.