Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

This winter, 2014, Atlanta was hit with a winter storm bigger than ever happened before. Owing to the snow and ice, the people in Atlanta had their transportation curtailed for a few days.

Surprisingly, but unsurprisingly, the people exploded in anger at the mayor. Why wasn't the city prepared for a completely unprecedented event? Why weren't there hundreds of men in hundreds of trucks standing alert for a storm that never happened before and will probably never happen again?

Obviously, the complainers are crazy. Obviously, the complainers are a bunch of spoiled brats. But here's what's worse: The mayor apologized to the crazy spoiled brats and promised some remedies in order to cater to the crazy spoiled brats. The mayor folded like a cheap suit.

What the mayor should have done was to tell the complainers to dry up. Stuff happens. Get over it.

This goes into the file of reasons to jump off a bridge. Our social and legal environment is directed and defined by crazy spoiled brats. They tell society what to do and society just apologizes and does it. And, the workings of society will be directed and defined more and more every year by crazy spoiled brats. Soon the world will be habitable by nothing but crazy spoiled brats.