Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

Dear Chris Rock,

In a recent interview, you said that it was wrong to say that black people have made a lot of progress in America. Black people have always been capable. It's white people who have changed.

That's a remarkable observation, and you deserve some kind of Nobel Prize for it. But it stops short of describing the present reality.

Generations ago, black people strove to be civilized. This gained them acceptance among white people. Now that they have risen beyond acceptance and into Protected Species status, they are striving to be uncivilized. We see Black Panthers intimidating people at election poll sites, Ferguson blacks lying to investigators and burning the place down, blacks gang-harassing (and sometimes beating) white folks at “white places”, brutal, vicious, and obscene rap culture, and a long list of personal behavior shortcomings that used to be racist opinions but are becoming statistical fact.

The nicer white people get, the worse black people get.

It seems that black people need to keep that tension up -- need to keep that separation and that irritation between black and white, because without that they have nothing. They lose their specialness, and they don't want to lose their specialness even if it is a specialness of brutality and failure.