Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

I recently saw someone listing some alleged quotes from a TV news channel, and saying that anyone who would ever broadcast those kinds of statements could never be trusted as an honorable source of information.

Well, if the quotes were true, I would agree. But I have a strong experiential basis for suspecting that they were not true, or at least were misrepresented.

I often visit web forums. Sometimes I express an observation. And of course, the observation gets attacked -- that's what web forums are all about.

But the attack is almost always attacking a misrepresentation of what I said, not what I actually said. This misrepresentation is either deliberate, so that the attacker can feel superior, or from not being smart enough to understand what I actually said. But it's a misrepresentation.

If people's perception of what I said is wrong more often than not, it's pretty reasonable to suppose that people's perception of what commercial news sites say is wrong more often than not. And they respond to their inaccurate perception, not to the original statement.

I'm pretty careful to write accurate sentences, as you can see here.