Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

We know that after the activists have granted absolute immunity from criticism to women, Negroes, and sexually dysfunctional people, they're going to add pedophiles to the list of protected species. Heck, it's just another sexual dysfunction. Just another progression for the Progressives.

But this is going to be a tough one. Even some Liberals think that pedophilia is wrong, which is really saying something because they think that hardly anything is wrong.

So the activists need a wedge to get pedophilia into public view, and ultimately, public acceptance. And I think that sexbots will provide that wedge.

Society frowns upon child porn. Partly because it's icky pedophilia and partly because of the psychological damage to those poor kids who are used for the photos or movies or whatever it is that they do. But if you ever look at porn sites, you'll see that cartoons involving children are not banned because they don't involve actual children. It's not the pedophilia that society objects to, it's the involvement of children that people object to.

Sexbots are coming and will some day be common. If porn involving cartoons of children is not so objectionable, maybe sexbots fashioned as children won't be considered objectionable either. No actual kids are involved.

Maybe they will, maybe they won't. I don't know. But if child sexbots come into common use without too much objection, and there certainly will be some objection, the use of actual children will be a shorter step for the Progressives to accomplish.