Chapter 21

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I don't mean to sound critical, but sometimes we have to change things that we do because of the way that computers do things.  A case in point would be the convention of writing dates as month-day-year.  If you do that for the names of computer files, your poor computer will always stack the January dates first and the December dates last in the folder, regardless of year.  This can be goofy, because they're out of temporal order.  You can't easily see if one is missing, etc.  And you can't rely on the "date modified" column because if you correct or reformat a file it becomes the newest file, no matter what moment in time it actually represents.

I have taken to writing all dates as year-month-day, and it is my understanding that the NIST has an ISO Standard number for doing it this way.  So today is 2015-03-20, and it will always be in the correct order in a display of files in a folder.