Chapter 21

* * * * * * * * * *

In my neighborhood, there is one, maybe two, bad people who frequently throw stuff out of their car windows. It might be anything from a candy wrapper to a beer bottle to a whole bag of fast-food wrappers, flying all over the place.

In the spirit of being a decent human being, when I go out for my health walk, once in a while I go out and pick up as much of the stuff as I can carry.

This gratifies all the people involved. I feel good when the road is clean (it's a nice area), and it's more exercise than you may think. There are probably other people, too, who just prefer the area to be clean and green instead of buried under trash. They're happier that I do it. And the miscreant who throws the trash is gratified because now he has verification that he is screwing somebody, which was his intention all along. That makes him happy.